As the visionary pioneer who helped shape the development of South Pointe, Thomas Kramer is a prominent fixture in Miami’s business community, as well as an active participant in Miami’s cultural and philanthropic events.

Seymour Gelber (Mayor of Miami Beach) & Thomas Kramer

Seymour Gelber (Mayor of Miami Beach)
& Thomas Kramer

Thomas Kramer is a noted philanthropist and through the Thomas Kramer Foundation, Inc. has contributed to many local and national charities, such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Kristi House, and the Red Cross, among others.

He often donates the use of his Star Island estate for charity events, like the 2006 “Give a Lift for Paralysis Benefit” gala hosted by Paris & Nicky Hilton, and to Alonzo Mourning’s associated foundation events.


Joshua’s Heart Fundraiser

Joshua’s Heart Fundraiser Gallery

South Beach developer and entrepreneur Thomas Kramer hosted a Candy Land-themed fundraiser for Joshua’s Heart Foundation on Star Island, Miami Beach, in December 2009.


Hope International’s Eco Artland

Hope International’s Eco Artland

Presented by Hope International, guests experienced during the Art Basel Miami 2009 an eco-friendly environment, hosted by Thomas Kramer and Hope Gainer, filled with ‘green’ themed monumental sculptures, performance art & video installations.


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