Thomas Kramer: Entrepreneur, Networker and Strategist

Am a global strategist” 

For a brilliant networker like Thomas Kramer, business must above all be fun. “TK”, as he is nicknamed, has friends all over the world. Including 

former US Presidents, famous models, royalty, Hollywood actors and charismatic entrepreneurs. TK made his first million as a high school student at the elite boarding school in Salem on Lake Constance. Back then, TK speculated in stocks and options from the only public phone booth in the courtyard of the boarding school and has acquired a loyal fan club of Salem classmates to this day.

TK can bring together and inspire like only a few. He was already a leader during his school days. Born and raised in Frankfurt as the son of the successful broker Willi Kramer, he developed a sense for finance and business at an early age.


Cult in the US

In the early 1980s he went to New York as a trader and was curious to see how some people became very rich very quickly because they were more likely to spot trends than others and were determined to seize opportunities. In 1987, TK anticipated the impending first major stock market crash of the post-war period and banked on falling prices. Overnight he was – just 30 years old – one of the super rich in the Big Apple.

The clever businessman, now married to the publisher’s daughter Catherine Burda, entered the real estate business at the ideal time after the bubble burst in the early 1990s.

While apartment shopping in New York, TK met up with then-celebrated tycoon Donald Trump at his Trump Tower penthouse. “We yelled at each other for 20 minutes because I thought Trump’s idea of ​​apartments with huge living rooms, tiny adjoining rooms and mini-kitchens was completely wrong.”

After that they became friends anyway. “We agreed to disagree,” TK comments the relationship with a grin. He never wanted to commit himself politically in the USA. He supported both Democrats like Bill Clinton and Republicans.


Creators of Miami’s skyline

On a vacation helicopter flight in 1991, the go-getter saw the untapped potential at the southern tip of Miami Beach. “It was a completely run-down corner, where mainly Cuban gangsters lived,” TK recalled in an interview with Top Magazin. He had the courage to invest there. “Back then I paid $500,000 for an acre. Today you pay $50 to $60 million for it.” He took the opportunity to buy 200 acres, 70 percent of South Beach, which was south of Fifth Street. 

The Sunny-boy shied away neither from the legacy of the former Navy base nor from the thousands of criminal Cubans that Castro had shipped from the Cuban prisons in 1981 to this beach on Miami Beach. With the help of his armed security, TK bulldozed the slum away with his own hands. His foresight and assertiveness soon created the attractive and coveted South Beach. The eight skyscrapers built by TK are Portofino, Continuum I&II, Icon, Murano, Yacht Club and Apogee. They still shape the skyline of South Pointe today.


Party animal on Star Island

After divorcing Catherine Burda in 1995, TK abandoned its business focus and became the celebrity host of Miami Beach.

On Star Island, the celebrity island he created, he established his “5 Star Island” property, which was the party mecca of the international jet set in Miami Beach for over two decades. Countless social and business relationships have their roots here.

TK changed his life forever when his daughter Joya moved in with him on Star Island in 2010. From one day to the next, he decided to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Through his new found enthusiasm for sports, he lost 26 kilos within nine months. Since life without a party didn’t fit the Miami lifestyle, TK moved to booming Dubai in 2013.

His numerous appearances on television – from talk shows to reality shows to countless reports about his colorful life – as well as the extensive press coverage of his activities from the New York Times to the tabloids, have made him known worldwide.

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Radical new beginning

The charming German has a cult following in the USA, also because of his comeback qualities. TK has won and lost immense fortunes multiple times during his decades-long career. But his optimism and will to live have always catapulted him to the top.

 He now draws on his vast experience in banking and real estate development to implement his visionary ideas, supported by a unique network. Think big is and remains the motto. Today, TK operates on the premise of connecting the right people at the right time to create a happier, healthier world.

With his international team of investors from the Middle East and European family offices, he offers a diverse and creative range – from asset protection and project financing, bridge loans, mezzanine to the refinancing of private real estate. In addition, TK is always on the lookout for off-market real estate, interesting start-ups and medium-sized companies for its investors.

Partnering with a leading business incorporation agency in Dubai, he offers highly customized services to obtain residency permits, incorporate companies and open bank accounts there.


Fitness guru and networker

 In addition, TK entered the healthcare sector with great enthusiasm. Since his transition from party beast to fitness enthusiast – “I’m fitter today than ever” – he motivates his fan base to do more for their own body and mind. He loves the endorphins that are released during exercise.

 TK spends up to five hours a day in the fitness center testing his limits. He likes mountain biking and loves to ski in the winter. “In order to remain efficient, I support my daily fitness program with dietary supplements, protein bars, milkshakes and everything else that goes with it.”

This passion developed into a very lucrative business model. TK’s health and fitness-oriented fan base can, together with its competent team, generate an additional income without a boss with free time management and without risk and investments.

He offers customers and partners invaluable added value through his enormous network and the life experience that has been paid for dearly. “If you want to change the world, you have to be prepared to take a lot of risks,” says the man, who is bursting with energy. TK is proud to have left a lasting mark. “Whatever I do leaves no one indifferent. Who can claim to have built entire cities!” And Thomas Kramer still has a lot planned.

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