Current & Future Projects

I’m designing, planning and building dr eam destinations! My vision is to repeat the unprecedented success that I attained in Miami by developing South Beach’s first luxury high-rise towers, and forever changing its skyline, real estate values and lifestyle.

As an innovative multitasker, TK is always working on multiple projects. Listed below are some of TK’s visionary projects:

Safe Island City Karachi, Pakistan

Project togenerate 2.5 Million jobs, boast 55 national Industries

A joint consortium of international investors will join hands to develop this project and the deal with Thomas Kramer is the first level of this agreement.



TK’s SoBe Towers Brazil


Creating a waterfront hotspot for the international jet set

I am finally realizing my dream of creating a waterfront hotspot for the international jet set, world travelers and residents in one of my favorite cities – Rio de Janeiro.



Jet Set Hub


TK’s Jet Set Hub of the
Middle East

I am looking for a partner in the Middle East to help me utilize my wealth of experience, superb taste and my never-ending drive to turn my vision into tomorrow’s reality.


SoBe Towers in Asia

TK’s SoBe Towers in Asia

I envision Asia as a region that, like myself, embraces the innovative and the best.

That is why I am looking for 30 acres of prime real estate to create and develop a waterfront hotspot for both the travelers and residents, creating a one and only jet set hub in Asia.



The Royal Agadir Beach Club

The Royal Agadir Beach Club

A luxurious mixed use estate with the ultimate underground parking space.







Mixed-use mega development with the luxury living concept




Jet Set Marina:

Jet Set Marina

Mixed-use mega development with the luxury living concept







The ultimate sophisticated luxury-living estate



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