The Latest & Greatest from TK – Mobile Office – SINGAPORE!


– Anybody with a need for wealth security & protection is here in the right place!
– Crime is virtually NOT EXISTENT …..Drugs cost u your head!
– Otherwise everything goes!
– Prostitution is legal & regulated – therefore SAFE!
– 24 liquor is no problemo and party all night is the new thing – thanks to Mark Brimblecombe!
– The ONLY METROPOLIS in the WORLD without traffic congestion thanks to enormous car&luxury taxes!
Best invention to keep your city unblocked…..and TAXIS are dead cheap!
– Real estate is extremely expensive to ward off chinese investor invasion!
– Rentals are affordable, so are Hotel rates!
– Work ethics are the highest I personally saw anywhere on this planet!
– Great way to go Singapore!!
– The TK TEAM is definitely setting up a shop in SINGAPORE!

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