The Vison

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TK’s Vision

Thomas Kramer (TK) first saw opportunity in Miami Beach real estate in the early 90’s, when he was invited to attend a New Year’s Party by the Trump Family, founders of Williams Island.

TK immediately recognized that South Pointe could be developed much like Battery Park Plaza in New York City had been. Connected to Downtown Miami and Miami International Airport via the MacArthur Causeway, South Pointe is conveniently located near major tourist attractions and the renowned Port of Miami.

Helped by the recession caused by the S&L crisis and collapsing real estate prices, TK began acquiring as many properties as possible. Towards the end of the buying spree, TK, focusing on prime bay and waterfront parcels, had gained control of more than 45 of the 80+ acres that comprise South Pointe.

To execute his vision and make his dream a reality, TK organized an intensive six-day conference in 1993 with ten of the leading architectural firms, city planners, marine experts, politicians and concerned citizens regarding the future city concept of South Beach.

South Beach
This conference changed the destiny of South Pointe and the City of Miami Beach forever. TKs final vision proposed a complete overhaul and numerous upgrades that would transform South Pointe into a world-class luxury location, just like St. Tropez or Monaco. He saw the possibility of a shining metropolis years before anyone else and worked tirelessly with the City of Miami Beach to plan, develop and build what ultimately became reality along South Pointe’s shoreline.
With his vision and foresight, TK pioneered luxury living in Miami. The public began flocking to buy Portofino apartments and others of his visionary buildings that followed. But after years of struggle with politicians, lawyers and developers, living through countless lawsuits, spending millions in revising plans and on legal fees, TK never had a chance to realize his true, original vision in Miami Beach.

For the past several years, he has been searching for another ideal location to execute his DREAM – a place that will set itself apart from any existing development with a combination of superb taste, financial power and eco-friendliness.

Current Projects

TK International Realty represents some of the most exclusive and prestigious real estate in the areas of Miami Beach and the Greater Miami Area. We offer a wide selection of real estate to suit your needs from beachfront condos to waterfront estates and everything in between.

Past Projects

A reputation of succes: Over the past years, a variety of major developments have taken place in Miami Beach and around the globe. We’ve highlighted a few of TK’s Past Projects for you [read_more text=”Read more” title=”Read More…” url=”” align=”left” target=”_self”]

Future Projects

Here you will find a list of some of the major development projects, which have been recently initiated and are due for completion in the near future. [read_more text=”Read more” title=”Read More…” url=”” align=”left” target=”_self”]


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