Senior Business Analyst

Thomas Kramer is a global networker, developer and a visionary entrepreneur, who is credited
with the development and revitalization of South Pointe and Star Island, Miami (USA).
The vast activities of the innovative multitasker range from real estate development and
brokerage to social media application development and design. Due to TKs extensive network of high level business contacts worldwide, the stream of upcoming business opportunities never ends. Therefore we are seeking for a highly motivated, experienced and passionate

Senior Business Analyst

Position Function
• In depth analysis of proposed new business and cooperation opportunities
• Identification of synergies and specification of potential benefits
• Involvement in all aspects of identifying efficient business
• Evaluate information gathered from multiple external and internal sources, decompose highlevel
information into details, abstract up from low-level information to a general
understanding, putting red flags
• Participate throughout the process with business needs including providing input into and
delivery of executive proposals, scope documents, presentations, etc.

Computer Skills
• Extensive knowledge of Mac OS X
• Microsoft Office (esp. Excel, PowerPoint)
• Internet & e-mail
• Project management tools
• Experience with ERP systems would be a plus
Job Qualifications
• Excellent market and business analysis skills
• Business modeling skills
• Excellent oral and written communications skills required
• Must have excellent negotiation and prioritizations skills
• Ability to operate at various levels of abstraction

• Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA)
• Minimum of 5 years of post-qualification experience
• Team leadership and / or project management experience

Interested in this very challenging and interesting position? Please send your resume and
preferences to:

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