5 Star Island: Miami’s hottest venue on Telemundo

Watch me giving a personal tour of my exclusive 5 STAR ISLAND to the Spanish TV show “AL ROJO VIVO” aired on TELEMUNDO hosted by one of my dearest friends MARIA CELESTE.

Check out the original Spanish broadcast:

For MARIA CELESTE’s  TV show “Al Rojo Vivo” on TELEMUNDO – the second-largest Spanish language content producer in the world – I am giving a personal tour of the Ultimate Event & Vacation Rental 5 STAR ISLAND – the hottest place to be in Miami.
This one hour show with my lovely friend MARIA CELESTE was dedicated to exploring my “fabulosa mansión”!

Behind private gates that keep this paradise exclusive, 5 STAR ISLAND  boasts unmatched scenic views of Downtown Miami, Palm Island, and Miami Harbor. MARIA CELESTE takes you on a round trip emphasising the luxury and grandeur of 5 STAR ISLAND.

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Maria Celeste:
Today, for the first time in Spanish television, I have total access to one of the most fabulous mansions from around the world; located in Miami’s exclusive Star Island. The island’s name is to honor past and present celebrities that have resided there. Star Island’s residents include celebrities like Madonna, Thalia, Gloria Estefan, baseball player Alex Rodriguez, and many more. This is the first time this Mega-Mansion is for sale priced at 55$ million, and for the first time 5 Star opens its doors to a Hispanic network. Our tour guide is Jorge Bernal!

Jorge Bernal:Welcome to 5 Star Island, a place where its guests feel as if they are in a 5 Star Hotel.

The owner is Thomas Kramer, a German visionary who is responsible for the development of Miami Beach. Thomas is an eccentric tycoon, whose Mega-Mansion is his humble home.

Thomas Kramer:It would definitely not be suitable for prime time. For the ladies, the bed-sheets are made of wolves fur for the lonely and cold Miami nights.

Jorge Bernal:

Another one of Mr. Kramer’s passions is SHOES. Thomas’ closet has space for hundreds of them.

Jorge Bernal:

If I were Thomas, would the media room be my favorite room?


As you can see via this remote we control the screen.

Jorge Bernal:The spa has a bayfront view. The pool has an anti-paparazzi private mist to protect the privacy of his famous guests.

The Rose Garden provides beautiful flowers perfect for decorating any table in the Mansion. Oh, and speaking of tables, the dining table comes with something additional…


The ladies sometimes come over and dance.

Jorge Bernal:

Cecilia, his housekeeper hates desserts. That’s why Thomas replaces dessert with something sweeter… a sensual dance. That’s right, at this table, even a feast for your eyes. And what would be a great dinner be without great wine. Well, his wine cellar is anti-theft and can only be opened with a system that recognizes his fingerprints.

Thomas Kramer:

It’s easy for the system to remember your fingerprints. The wooden door only appears to be wood, but in fact it is made of steel.

Jorge Bernal:

This 2 acre property with 10 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms and 2 wine cellars is the ideal place to host parties and Thomas knows it. TK’s parties are memorable. Once he showed up on a camel during his birthday party. He finished up the night with a one of a kind fireworks show. Without a doubt 5 Star is a Fire-Red mansion.

Maria Celeste:

And for those who wish to buy this mansion but do not have the 55$ million, we also know it is available for rent and special events.

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