TK honored in The New York Times TK honored in The New York Times

Read todays article in The New York Times on South Pointe, where can i buy provigil forum where can i buy provigil forum honoring my achievement in making it one of the
most sought after HOTSPOT in the World.

South Pointe – One of my PROUDEST achievements!


1992: TK‘ s HISTORIC helicopter ride with DONALD TRUMP.


1993: Watch the historic video of TK’s VISION that transformed SOUTH POINTE!



1995: TK with his partners Tom Daly (✞), Jorge M. Pérez.


South Pointe - BC - LAST VERSION-20

2013: TK’s VISION has become a REALITY!


Read the entire article HERE!


While on vacation in early 1992, Thomas Kramer, a German businessman, took a helicopter ride over South Beach and had a vision: to create a version of New York’s Battery Park City on the southern tip of Miami Beach.[..]

Mr. Kramer invited 11 architectural firms to develop plans for the area. After six days of discussions, “Miami Beach’s original city center was ready for its most spectacular facelift,” he said. [..]

Mr. Pérez eventually bought 22.5 acres in the South Pointe area from Mr. Kramer for $125 million, re-branding it South of Fifth. The one parcel Mr. Pérez missed out on was where a Coast Guard station had been. Mr. Kramer sold that to Bruce Eichner, the New York developer, and it became the site of Continuum Towers. [..]

While Mr. Kramer saw the older buildings as a slum not worth saving, city officials created a historic district in 1996 to protect the low-rise Art Deco structures at a remove from the beach.[..]

Even lower-lying developments that once struggled are now luxury properties South of Fifth.[..]














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